cloud_access_image_1PCSC offers multiple cloud based solutions. We encourage you to contact a PCSC representative for further details and to discuss which solution is best for your application.

NXG Client Cloud (NXG CC)

NXG CC is now available as a cloud-based application providing the same level of high security features found within the standard LiNC-NXG application with the added convenience of a user-friendly browser based interface. LiNC-NXG Client Cloud (NXG CC) provides automated processes with preprogram system parameters and controller configurations as well as cardholder information and the ability to manage the system from anywhere, at anytime. NXG CC can be utilized by security integrators as a provided service to their clients, or NXG CC can be serviced by PCSC. Refer to the following PDFs for more details.

LiNC-NXG Browser Enabled
Enabling easy-to-use cloud-based access control LiNC-NXG Browser Enabled is an add-on option to the standard full LiNC-NXG desktop solution. An easy to use browser enabled interface allows the managing of essential common functions for cardholders, time periods, authorization groups, locking and unlocking of doors and more. The convenience of remote management in real-time brings access control with LiNC-NXG to a new level. Additionally, the browser based option eliminates software installation and maintenance requirements of application software for those browser based users. LiNC-NXG is a fully integrated Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM). PSIM is a category of systems designed to integrate multiple security applications controlling them through a comprehensive user interface (GUI).
Cloud features:
  • Remotely Access an Existing LiNC-NXG System using a Standard or Mobile Browser Interface on either a Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Device
  • Cloud-based Technology, Access via LAN /WAN or Internet
  • Real-Time Functions Immediately Update the LiNC-NXG System Database
  • Easy to Use and Navigate Interface with Standard Form Type Functions
  • Assign and Manage Cardholders
  • Define and Manage Time Periods
  • Define and Manage Authorization Groups
  • Door Control: Lock and Unlock Doors
  • On Demand Active Journal of Recent Events
  • View and Email Reports


cloud_access_image_2In a world of choices, LiNC-NXG offers multiple system configurations to fit your exact security needs.With its inherent ability to support legacy, current and future PCSC products, LiNC-NXG is the choice for small and large applications alike, from industrial to commercial, to campus and enterprise-level security. Selecting the correct system and architecture is perhaps the most important aspect of security system design. LiNC-NXG provides the world’s most flexible security system, providing a 100% distributed intelligence network and incorporating the patented Fault Tolerant architecture. Its open standards system design and software development kit (SDK) enable the communication and software application interfaces to meet your security needs. LiNC-NXG’s communication architecture is industry unique. PCSC offers the industry’s only Fault Tolerant (FT) controller technology, which provides greater interoperability.

LiNC-NXG Platform Features:


  • Fault Tolerant Architecture
  • Legacy Support
  • 100% Distributed Intelligence
  • Peer-to-Peer Communications
  • Password / Level Control Functions
  • Password Controlled Data Segregation
  • Operator Audit
  • Active Directory
  • Lock Down
  • Password Controlled Administration
  • One Click Bulk Activation or Deactivation by Cardholder Affiliation
  • Supervisor Controlled Access
  • Visitor Controlled Access
  • Long Access / Handicapped Access
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • Access Actions by Cardholder or Group
  • Temporary Authorization Group
  • Photo Trace
  • Operator Solicited Open Door
  • Two Person Mnimum Occupancy Rule (TPMOR)
  • Automatic System Shutdown Prior to Battery Failure
  • Automatic Door Opening by Time or Supervisor
  • Automatic Card Activation and Deactivation by Date and Time
  • Automatic User Scheduled Reports
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Control
  • User Defined Reports
  • Intelligent Elevator Control
  • Floor Destination Reporting
  • 5 State Alarm Monitoring
  • Occurred and Logged History Time Stamp (UTC Time Stamp)
  • Regional Anti-Passback
  • Strict / Lenient and Soft Anti-Passback
  • 3 Levels of Entry / Exit
  • Network Status with Firmware Verification
  • User Selectable Alarm Type (Supervised or Dry Contact)
  • Individual Alarm Latching Selection
  • User Defined Input / Output Polarity
  • Priority Alarm Processing
  • Integrated Video Badging
  • Integrated Alarm Graphics
  • Integrated CCTV
  • Supported OS: Windows 7 Professional, Windows Vista Business Edition Professional, Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2008R2 environment