Granting or denying access to a gated parking garage, secure compound, private community, high risk area or government facility generally requires some action on the part of the driver of the vehicle. A combination of access control hardware, cameras and software provide for a solution that will grant access to any gated area based on the license plate of the vehicle approaching the gate, automatically and without the necessity of a guard or attendant.

LiNC-NXG Integration
A vehicle approaching a gate presents a seamless way for individuals to enter a facility. Since every vehicle already has a unique identifier by way of the license plate, a solution using INEX/ZAMIR’s Automatic License Plate Reader or ALPR integrated with LiNC-NXG™, will allow you to easily control access on a vehicle-to-vehicle basis. Adaptable to almost any application, from small parking lots and large garages to authorized vehicle entry in high security risk environments such as the entry of airport personnel or maintenance vehicles.

The ALPR integrates with your existing LiNC-NXG™ access control infrastructure so that it is not necessary to create a dedicated system just for plate recognition. A typical deployment integrating an ALPR system with an access control system is a single gate with a camera. The license plate is read as the vehicle approaches the gate arm. The resulting plate number is matched against the LiNC-NXG™ database of license plates entered into the access control system. On a match, the corresponding user ID number is sent in Wiegand format to the access panel associated with the gate. The controller processes the License plate data through its normal authorization logic as if a card was presented at a reader, then controls whether the gate is opened. Unique access control rules can be applied based on each vehicle. All transactions are then recorded into history.


  • Accurate license plate recognition regardless of time of day, speed of vehicle or climate
  • The license plate becomes a credential; apply access control rules based on the vehicle
  • Seamless integration: All user data is stored and maintained in your present acccess control system
  • Wiegand format output is available for integration with most access panels

System Requirements:
PC, Windows 7 Professional or Vista Business or XP Professional, Windows SQL Server 2008 R2 Express, LiNC-NXG, INEX/ZAMIR DPU, Compatible Cameras & Drivers

pdfDatasheet    pdfDatasheet (PCSC INEX Integration)