Lodging_Access_ControlLiNC-NXG Lodging Software Utilizing the ZLock for a fully Integrated Online Hotel Locking System

A state-of-the-art integrated real-time access system especially designed for today’s demanding Lodging industry. Unlike no other system, it is designed to provide the highest level of reliability, incorporated with the patented Fault Tolerant architecture and managed by LiNC-NXG Lodging software. The first lodging system to incorporate Guest Room Management, Employee Access Management, CCTV, Graphic Alarm Management and Photo ID badging into one integrated package.

LiNC-NXG lodging is an online system enabling users to manage and monitor guest and employee access from a remote computer console without the need to go to each door. LiNC-NXG Lodging provides the ability to integrate with your Property Management System (PMS), providing a seamless interface between your reception and guest room programming. Guests will automatically have access to their rooms, floors and common areas without any manual intervention. Workstations are available for generating reports or programming system parameters and setting up access privileges for employees, contractors and vendors.

Guest rooms are equipped with the wireless Zlock. The ZLock is an ALV2 lock with an HDM (hospitality door module) utilizing different firmware. The HDM enclosure contains the wireless components which include the PCB, wireless module and battery box. The HDM is mounted just above the lock on the inside of the door.

Benefits of an Online System

  • Improved security (real-time card cancellation, alerts, reports, tracking and more)
  • Improved guest services
  • Improved operational effectiveness (battery alert, service events, reports from locks and more)
  • Monitoring & custom reports (wide range of available information / reports by cross tabulating data from central database

System Design

  • Wireless technology–using DigiMesh network
  • Cost effective communication backbone through hotel’s existing Ethernet network
  • Fault Tolerant Architecture (redundancy)
  • Cost effective installation–minimal wiring
  • Retrofit capability–using a separate module