PanAm_Sports_CentrePartners in Security: Honeywell and PCSC Continue Major Enterprise Size Security Network Expansion

Located on the University of Toronto’s Scarborough (UTSC) campus, the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC) is a world-class sports complex and the largest single investment in amateur sports in the history of Canada. This state-of-the- art facility requires advanced security and access controls to ensure the safety of the individuals, sports teams and Olympic athletes who use it.

In addition to Olympic-class swimming and diving facilities, the athletic center includes a field house for court sports, weight rooms, studies, offices and a daycare center. 24/7 monitoring of access and security for each of these areas was critical.

A great deal of strategic planning, development and execu- tion went into the TPASC’s aquatic center. The facilities are owned by the City of Toronto and University of Toronto Scar- borough (UTSC), and maintained by TPASC Inc. The Canadian Sports Institute of Ontario (CSIO) headquarters are also located at TPASC. PCSC partnered with Honeywell Building Solutions to design the aquatic center’s high-security access, an expansion upon other campus projects, including the En- vironmental Science and Chemistry Building, which houses research and teaching space, connecting laboratories and ac- ademic offices. This facility will be accessed by staff and stu- dents as well as University Police.

The Requirements
The University needed a high-security, network-based access control system that would integrate with the Honeywell En- terprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) platform. PCSC enterprise access control solutions met those needs and provided the aquatic center with an independent, stand-alone system that would fully integrate with the existing UTSC EBI platform. This enabled the integration of CCTV Camera Systems, Inter- com Stations, Emergency Call Stations, Elevator Access Control and Security Systems across three different departments and building areas.

The Solution
PCSC used the latest high-security physical access control products for a scalable enterprise solution. The University’s EBI installation was extended to include both the Toronto Pan Am Aquatic Centre and the University of Toronto Scarbor- ough. Access control hardware including five sets of the patented Fault Tolerant Controllers were utilized to provide unparalled reliability. Both sites have combinations of elec- tronic locking hardware with door strikes, electric crash bars, Mortise lock sets, Maglock door locks, HID RP40 Multi-Class Readers, 439 PCSC Single Door Module Readers, PCSC Dual Door Modules and IQ 200 ELV elevator controllers.

At a Glance
Situation: Secure world-class athletic facility and neighboring state-of-the-art Environmental Science and Chemical Building including legacy use among three different occupants with different partitioned areas.

Solution: Both facilities implemented an integrated security system comprised of:

  • Electric locking hardware with door strikes, crash bars, Mortise lock sets, and maglocks
  • Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI)
  • HID RP40 Multi-Class Readers
  • Honeywell NexWatch Access Control
  • PCSC IQ / ELV Series Access Controllers
  • 5 PCSC Fault Tolerant Access Controllers
  • 24 PCSC Dual Door Module Readers
  • 439 PCSC Single Door Module Readers


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