ULMReclaiming Our Campus Construction projects, renovations and new vendors are helping ULM create a vibrant campus life for students.

In the spring of 2002, ULM President James Cofer and his wife Deborah started the “Reclaiming Our Campus” initiative. Volunteer faculty, staff and community members helped with cleaning and landscaping the campus and painting the classrooms. The campaign resulted in a complete transformation of the campus. Many of these projects, along with the increase in students, have created the need to upgrade the campus security and access control system.

In December of 2003, Chris Ringo, Director of Security and the University of Louisiana at Monroe, made the decision to install PCSC’s LiNC-NET system throughout the campus. After a competitive bid process, Jim Molinario of Omni Systems was awarded the project. Omni Systems, a PCSC partner from New Orleans, provided the best solution for ULM to use today and in the future as the university’s needs increase.

Over the past 6 years, the University has been continually growing. Many projects have come to life since the start of  ‘Reclaiming our Campus’ in 2002. In Fall 2007, 8,541 students were enrolled at ULM. Approximately 1,800 of them lived on campus. Along with the growth and renovation of the campus, the scalable PCSC access control system has also been growing along with the University. ULM currently has 33 PCSC access control panels that oversee more than one hundred doors. Another feature of the PCSC system is parking control. As the Intermodal Transit Facility with 262 parking spaces nears completion, it will utilize PCSC’s system to keep track of the number of cars inside the facility.

ULM is currently in the process of upgrading the LiNC-NET system software to PCSC’s enterprise solution, LiNC-PLUS. The decision was made in 2003 to install a scalable PCSC system. The upgrade process is only a software change; all of the hardware previously installed will remain the same. Without a need for a forklift upgrade, the University has protected their original investment and is upgrading the software to enable them to handle additional card holders along with more authorization groups. They will now be able to integrate campus maps with floor plans and more importantly, integrate their video surveillance with the user interface.