The SIM (Supervised Input Module) Series controllers are designed for projects requiring high populations of sense inputs. Unlike the IQ series controllers with reader capacities as the main design, the SIM’s strengths are in sense inputs. With PCSC’s “upgrade” architecture, modular expansion capabilities are available for additional card readers, inputs, outputs and communication requirements to provide flexible configuration architecture for your security requirements.

Utilizing analog to digital (A/D) technology, sense input monitoring is dynamically enhanced to provide the most accurate high security monitoring in the industry. Individual input monitoring can be performed with either digital signal processing or PCSC’s 5 state alarm monitoring. Input latching is also provided for a more sophisticated security environment.

Each system configuration provides 100% Distributed Intelligence (DI). PCSC’s DI guarantees complete integrity of the security features even during a loss of communication to the host. All pertinent data necessary to make card access decisions and input/output decisions are stored in the controller and saved in the battery backed up memory for over one year. Additional features provide user applications for simple to high security environments. Basic card authorization is based on reader, time of day, day of week and holiday control. User activation can enable secondary or affiliation group authentication logics. Increased security features include Escort Required, Two Person Minimum Occupancy, Supervisory Control and 5 State Supervised Alarm Monitoring.


  • 33 Supervised / Digital Inputs
  • 1 Supervised Tamper
  • 4 Form C Relay Outputs
  • 4,000 History Transactions
  • 4,000 History Transactions
  • 366 Holidays (includes Leap Year)
  • 1 Year Battery Backed Clock Calendar and Memory
  • 4 or 8 Reader Configurations
  • 8,000 to 24,000 Cardholders
  • 16 Site Codes
  • 4 Authorization Croups per Cardholder
  • 64 Time Periods with 7 Segments Per Period
  • Optional Universal Power Supply (90-250 VAC)
  • Legacy Upgrade Capable
  • 100% Distributed Intelligence
  • Open Architecture
  • Handicapped Access
  • Automatic Card Deactivation by Date
  • Card Action
  • Supervised REX Monitoring
  • User Specified Supervised or Digital Sense Input Definition
  • High Security 5 State Alarm Supervision
  • Dynamic Input to Output Linking
  • User Programmable Input / Output Logic
  • Supervisory Access Authorization Logic
  • Two Person Minimum Occupancy Rule (TPMOR)
  • 3 State Anti-Passback
  • Supervised Readers
  • Electronic Firmware Updates (Flash Memory)
  • Real-time Diagnostics
  • AC Power Fail Indication
  • DC Power Low Indication
  • UL 294, UL 1076, AUSTEL, CE