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Scramble Keypad SP-100

The Scramble Keypad SP-100 is a keypad reader designed to prevent onlookers from detecting the PIN code being entered. The LED’s display a randomly allocated set of numbers from 0 to 9. The position of the numbers change every time the keypad is activated. Only the user standing directly in front of the keypad can see the scrambled digits.


  • Very narrow viewing angle of the lighted, scrambled digits
  • The membrane keypad is extremely durable
  • Random allocation of digits ensures even wear to the keys
  • Individual PIN codes can be up to 5 digits in length (26 bit card format)
  • The SP-100 has a weatherproof rating of IP65
  • An audible alarm signals when a button is depressed
  • Robust polycarbonate enclosure
  • The unit is equipped with power-up diagnostics and self-test routine
  • The SP-100 is provided with Wiegand communication protocol
  • Fully supervised when used with PCSC’s IQ/SIM/ULT and DDM


  • High Security Door Access
  • High Traffic Areas of Possible “onlookers”
  • Airports & Transportation, Banks & Financial Insitutions, Ports & Docks, Chemical / Industrial Plants, Campuses

Scramble Keypad SP-100Scramble Keypad Data Sheet

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