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Biometric Readers

BIO-14 (Surface Mount)
& BIO-15 (Flush Mount)

PCSC offers the Microlatch Wireless Stand-Alone, self contained biometrics readers. These products are patented world-wide and offer flexible and secure RF Rolling Code communications, plus optional Wiegand operation when combined with the Microlatch Wiegand receivers. These self contained fingerprint activated products can operate such devices as electric locks, garage doors, security & alarm systems and much more. Up to 100 fingerprint units may be stored within the onboard user database.


  • Operating Voltage: 6 VDC In
  • Current Consumption: 160μA Standby; 87mA Maximum
  • Operating Frequency: 433.92, 315, 868 MHz (SAW Resonator Locked +/-74KHz)
  • Transmission Modulation: AM ASK
  • Transmission Security: Keeloq™ Code Hopping Technology
  • RF Range: Typical 50m (Environment dependant)
  • Touchchip™ Sensor Life: Minimum 1 million reads
  • False Acceptance Rate: 0.01%
  • False Rejection Rate: 0.1%
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10 °C to +40 °C
  • Certifications: C-Tick, CE and FCC Approvals

BIO 14 / 15 / CCF-15 Data SheetBIO-14 & 15 / CCF-15 Data Sheet

CCF-15 Combination Card and Finger

PCSC also offers Microlatch’s CCF (Combination Card and Finger) solution is another global patented technology platform solution. This product is designed to rapidly transition the market to higher security identification of the individual through biometrics and specifically fingerprint recognition. The traditional infrastructure for access and payment systems does not change. Microlatch again maintains the theme of “simple and secure”, while offering high security upgrade options for customers; seamlessly and at a fraction of the traditional costs. The significant advantage of Microlatch CCF is that it identifies the card or credential holder; existing systems only identify the card or PIN used.


  • Operating Voltage: 8-18 VDC
  • Status Indication: 3 LEDs and piezo buzzer
  • Physical Dimensions: 85mm (W) x 85mm (L) x 40mm (D)
  • Communication Protocol: Wiegand, F2F, clock and data outputs, Enrolment, storage, management & verification on board
  • Fingerprint Template: 4000+
  • Number of Users: User configurable loaded switch
  • Tamper Protection: Touchchip™ CMOS Active Capacitive
  • Sensor Type: Pixel Sensing
  • Touchchip™ Sensor Life: Minimum 1 million reads
  • False Accept Rate: 0.01%

BIO 14 / 15 / CCF-15 Data SheetBIO-14 & 15 / CCF-15 Data Sheet

SF-3000 Series

SF-3000 is a state of the art access control system with the highest performance in fingerprint recognition, access control management, and efficient time attendance.


  • Embedded 3K user : 0.3 sec, 30K user : 0.8 sec
  • Memory : 64M flash, 32M SDRAM
  • Communication : TCP/IP, RS-232, RS-485
  • External interface : Wiegand, USB
  • User registration : 2K, 10K, 30K
  • Event log : Max. 30,000 events
  • Built-in 2.5inch graphic LCD screen
  • Automatic fingerprint recognition
  • Any direction fingerprint recognition
  • Support USB memory stick (event upload/download)
  • TCP/IP built-in

SF-3000 Data SheetSF-3000 Data Sheet

SF-2500 Series


  • Built-in MIC speaker for internal Communication
  • Communication : TCP/IP, RS-485
  • Built-in 2.5inch B/W graphic LCD screen
  • Any direction fingerprint recognition
  • External interface : Wiegand, Micro SD Memory Card
  • Support  SD memory card (event upload/download)
  • User registration : 2K
  • Automatic fingerprint recognition
  • Event log : Max. 60,000 events
  • 32 bit CPU

SF-2500 Data SheetSF-2500 Data Sheet



  • Users can choose the level of security that meets their needs: Card and PIN; Card and Fingerprint; Card, PIN, and Fingerprint
  • The finger pad at the bottom center of the biometric unit offers ease-of-use for either right or left-handed enrollment
  • The location of the finger pad is compliant with ADA standards
  • The bioCLASS RWKLB575 read/write contactless smart card reader with keypad, LCD display, and fingerprint biometric verification
  • LCD display provides feedback on user finger placement and defines custom menu keys
  • Fingerprint templates are stored on the iCLASS card and not in the reader, resulting in increased security, faster throughput, easier system  management, lower costs for the biometric reader and reduced concerns over individual privacy
  • HID’s offerings encompass the industry’s broadest range of open standard contactless smart card products, available from over 40,000 resellers worldwide

BIOCL Data SheetBIOCL Data Sheet

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