lincez_kit_thumbnailThis professional, yet low cost kit combines the LiNC-Ez access control software with the NRX controller to provide everything you need to manage your access control, alarm monitoring and building needs. All in one box! The ease begins right at installation with a self guided wizard to help load and configure your system. With its enhanced preprogrammed access parameters and schedules, LiNC-Ez is ready to use immediately after installation.

With LiNC-Ez’s feature rich applications found normally in more expensive systems, it’s easy to see why more people are choosing it as their building management solution.

Easy to Install:
Simply insert the LiNC-Ez CD software and it practically installs itself. The Windows® based installation program will guide you step-by-step through the entire process. Once installed, LiNC-Ez will automatically communicate with the intelligent controllers and download the necessary parameters without operator intervention.

Easy to Program:
LiNC-Ez was developed using Windows® conventions, making using the software easier. The software comes pre-programmed with user data to help speed your system administration, such as standard Card Information, Time Schedules and Authorization Levels. It is even pre-programmed with a complete Holiday schedule. All you have to do is hand out the proximity cards to the users.

Easy to Expand:
LiNC-Ez is already Full Featured. It is designed to control up to 32 intelligent controllers or 64 doors. No need to purchase upgrades because none are needed. Just connect the new controllers with a twisted pair wire to add more capabilities.

Intelligent Controllers:
The LiNC-Ez family of products consists of 100% distributed intelligent controllers, specifically designed to meet your needs. The sophistication and the security provided by the 5 state alarm monitoring feature have been recognized by government agencies around the world.


  • Automatic Program Installation and Setup
  • 12,000 Cardholders
  • 5,000 History Transactions Standalone, 50,000 on System
  • Up to 64 Readers
  • Handicapped Access Entry
  • Automatic Card Activation and Deactivation
  • Auto Holiday, Leap Year & Daylight Savings Control
  • User-friendly Reports
  • Electronic Update of Firmware
  • Communicates via RS-485, Dialup Modems, Ethernet LAN or ZigBee Pro Wireless
  • Easy Device Installation
  • Photo Image Importing
  • Timed Anti-passback

Supported Hardware
PCSC builds state-of-the-art, yet easily supported intelligent controllers at low prices for the security industry. Each PCSC controller is manufactured with surface mount technology, utilizes flash memory to allow easy upgrading of software and features on the controller, onboard power management to keep the controller operating while at the same time protecting it, transient protection on all inputs, socketed relays for all outputs and snap on/off connectors—all these features make our electronic hardware just keep on working, yet still flexible to support your future needs. The NRX is a complete two door access control panel with additional inputs and outputs for managing additional security devices. A solid platform to start your access control and is part of the Building Management security solution provided by the LiNC-Ez family.