software_lincplusLiNC-PLUS is a complete scaleable PC-based software package designed to integrate, control and manage electronic security and building automation components with sub-systems into a networked Integrated Security Management System.

LiNC-PLUS integrates electronic security and acces control products with sub-systems from multiple manufacturers across industries into a single, functionally enhanced, and centrally controlled integrated security system.

The system utilizes the latest software technology with an intuitive and user-definable graphical user interface. The feature empowers the user to integrate products from various industries creating a solution to meet their unique requirements.

LiNC-PLUS operates under Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP Professional and Windows Server-Class operating systems with a focus on performance, security, reliability and manageability.


Enhanced Feature Descriptions:

Scaleable System Capacities and Features
Available in a Variety of Software Packages to Support Small, Medium and Large Single-user / Multi-user System requirements. It can be easily expanded by integrating additional LiNC-PLUS software modules and security products from across the industry.

Integration Support for Existing and Future Equipment
LiNC-PLUS is a true open-architectural integration software package that can incorporate previously installed and future electronic security equipment from different manufacturers into a single, fully integrated multi-user security management system.

User-Defined Graphical User Interface
LiNC-PLUS utilizes a user-defined Graphical User Interface (GUI, or MMI, HMI) that is designed and configured to meet the unique needs and skill level of each user. The GUI is comprised of standard Windows tool bars, directory trees, dialog boxes and graphic images. These graphic images are designed and produced utilizing industry standard graphics software packages that support the BMP, JPEG, and WMF formats.

Industry Standard Database
LiNC-PLUS incorporates MSDE to provide consolidated reporting and automated event processing for all system devices. The LiNC-PLUS database can be linked to external databases utilizing industry standard ODBC drivers and SQL routines to provide custom report generation and upstream / downstream data transfers to meet the unique requirements of each user. Additionally LiNCPLUS can be configured to support multiple user-defined databases at the same time to provide true systems integration.

Standard and Custom Reports
LiNC-PLUS utilizes a built-in report generator to provide the user with quick pre-defined reports that include data specific to security operations. Additionally LiNC-PLUS can run, display and print user-defined reports utilizing the industry standard RPT template format.