IQ_ELVTwo or Four Door Cab Access Controller

The IQ ELV Elevator Access Controller allows people to access certain floors of a building within a scheduled time frame based on authorization. Usually there is one or more elevator controllers in a system.

By issuing an identification device, such as a card or wristband to each person in a facility, the system will limit access to certain floors by only those authorized. Integrating elevator access systems with video, allows for live viewing and recording of activity as users gain access to floors within the building.

elevator_access_controlElevator access can depend on the user’s classification, the time of day, which elevator is being approached, and the armed state of a floor. In addition, changes to the status of a zone can either cause an elevator to grant access to a floor, or cause the elevator to deny floor access. By using one or more of these attributes, elevator access control policies can be created that are extremely flexible and secure. By using an elevator access control system, the general public, unauthorized users and authorized users can be separated.

The IQ ELV series controllers offer the most complete set of elevator control configurations to meet any security requirement. The controllers provide 100% distributed intelligence with configurations for 2 or 4 elevator cabs and from 16 to 64 floors. The floor authorization logic is based on cardholder, floor authorization groups, time of day and day of week. User accountability reporting is provided by battery backed history transactions, recording cardholder information by time and by floor selection. Additionally, the controllers automatically provide security on holidays and weekends.

  • 2 or 4 Elevator Cabs
  • 16 – 64 Floors
  • Up to 50,000 Cardholders
  • 4,000 History Transactions
  • 4 Authorizations Groups / Cardholders
  • 4 Floor Groups / Cardholders
  • 64 Time Periods and 365 Holidays
  • 1 Year Battery Backed Clock Calendar and Memory
  • Open Architecture Protocol
  • 100% Distributed Intelligence
  • Individual Floor Control with Override
  • Time Period and Cardholder Floor Control
  • Handicapped Access
  • Two Person Rule
  • Escort Required
  • Automatic Card Expiration
  • Supervised Readers
  • Electronic Firmware Updates (Flash Memory)
  • AC Fail Warning
  • Battery Low Warning
  • Real-time Diagnostics
  • Optional Onboard Ethernet
  • Upgrade Capable
  • UL 294, UL 1076, AUSTEL, CE