Auckland’s Beca House –

BECA House, photo by Patrick Reynolds

BECA House, Photo: Patrick Reynolds

One of the largest single tenancy engineering offices in the Asia Pacific region, Beca’s Auckland location is home to over 1000 employees. Beca delivers a variety of consultancy services across the Government, Buildings, Industrial, Power, Transport and Water market segments. Beca’s Auckland team has worked on projects such as the second Manukau Harbour Crossing, the new rail trench at New Lynn, the Macau Tower and the Victorian Desalination Project in Australia. They also are working on two of New Zealand’s largest infrastructure projects, the Victoria Park Tunnel and the Waterview Connection.

Beca’s offices in the Central Business District takes up eight levels and over 14,000 square meters of floor area, including multiple boardrooms, meeting spaces, break-out spaces, open-plan workspaces and offices. Beca’s tenancy is spread across a number of levels, each of which has a distinctive color.


Brief System Overview:
In the event of no car parking being available onsite, visitors were required to park some distance away due to limited parking facilities. Beca required staff to continue use of MS Outlook for booking of car parking for visitors. Auckland’s bookaPark, a company specializing in pre-booking solutions for the car parking industry found the solution.

  • All entry and exit logic, messaging and UI is handled by PCSC’s LiNC-NXG
  • Core reporting via PCSC’s LiNC-NXG
  • iComm implemented as intercom from car park entry and exit points to Becareception and building operations staff
  • 3 pools of short terms car parks created –VIP, visitor and staff/contractor
  • vP used by all staff for provision of short term visitor and contractor parking with integration to MS Outlook/Exchange (vP is a web-based tool allowing businesses, hotels, restaurants and other organisations to arrange parking for their customers at your car park, on an account basis).