Control 4 Doors within one Drawer

PCSC’s 4DD is the ideal IT friendly rackmount drawer and door module combination. Each slide out drawer is self contained with its own power supply and two Dual Door Modules (DDM) mounted horizontally side-by-side. Control four doors within each drawer, as part of a Fault Tolerant Controller system*.

Installation made simple… adding doors to a Fault Tolerant Controller System is kept clean and neat within the footprint of a standard 19 inch 2U rack configuration. Each drawer is key lockable, with an optional tamper switch. Maintenance or (DDM) replacement access is as simple as sliding out the drawer.

The Fault Tolerant Architecture consists of one or more Fault Tolerant Controllers (FTC) and Door Interface Modules (DIM), such as the Dual Door Module. The FTCs and DIMs are designed with an Open Standards Operating System utilizing Hydra Protocol to provide the highest level of system operations and reliability. Refer to the Dual Door Module features for further details.


pdf Datasheet

4DD Features:

  • Fault Tolerant Architecture
  • Control up to 4 Doors per Drawer*
  • Contains: Two Dual Door Modules (DDM)
  • 19 Inch – 2U Rackmount Configured Drawer
  • Black Textured Powder Coat
  • Ball Bearing Slide Out Drawer
  • Tamper Resistant (Lockable)
  • Tamper Switch (optional)
  • Internal Power Supply
  • 3 Rear Cable Holes

Each DDM Features:

  • 32 Bit ARM Processor and Architecture
  • Onboard Ethernet Communication
  • PoE (optional)
  • Wireless Mesh Communications (Optional)
  • Dual Ethernet Communications (Optional)
  • FLASH Memory
  • 3 Communication Ports
  • Seven Segment Status Display
  • Host Online Notification
  • Tamper
  • Separate Tamper Input
  • Battery Charger Output
  • Electronically Protected Power Input
  • 5 State Alarm Monitoring
  • 2 Weigand Reader Ports
  • 2 Door Lock Form C Relay Outputs
  • 2 REX Inputs
  • 2 Door Position Inputs
  • 2 Alarm Shunt Outputs
  • 4 Voltage Outputs
  • 4 Sense Inputs
  • Powered Lock Output
  • UL 294 & UL 294B

*requires Fault Tolerant Controller